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think different.

The Journey is the reward.

– Steve Jobs

I feel compelled to write about Steve Jobs death.  Not only because his creativity and intelligence re-shaped our modern world.  And not only because he passed onwards before we got to see what else he would dream up and how much further he could push inspiration and technology.  And not only because what he and his beloved company created was really, really cool.  I feel compelled to write about his beliefs and how he so seamlessly incorporated them into his work.

Many different things have been written about his core beliefs. Being a Buddhist- he was married in a Buddhist ceremony and was a Pescetarian.  He wore black turtlenecks and simple blue jeans most of the time.    But what really interests me is how he kept his beliefs as a guiding force in his business decisions…and more importantly how those beliefs rocketed him and his companies to the forefront of all creative and mindful companies in the world.

Steve used the Dalai Lama in an ad for apple in 1973 titled “Think Different”

It changed the way people looked at computers–and the way we think about doing business.  It was an announcement of a totally radical new way of integrating belief and sales. A platform of walking a path never walked before in thinking and in living.  In 2006, Steve ended his deal with McDonalds-stopping PIXAR characters from being sold in Happy Meals.  He said,”…there is value in tie-ins….but (there are) concerns as we become more conscious of some of the implications of fast food”.  He could have made a much larger profit by continuing to sell the toys, but it didn’t line up with his beliefs.  He managed to stay mindful and true to himself in the face of greed.

To me, Steve Jobs legacy will be the simplicity and out of the box thinking that is so evident when you pick up an iPad.  Simple.  Streamlined.  Intuitive. Beautiful.  It only arrived because he lived his truth and was strong enough to integrate his unique views and life path into his products.  Because he was drawn to “thinking different” -and doing no harm- and a simple focus-he created things the world had never seen.  He was certainly not perfect and neither is his company– but in this day and age of giant corporations literally bulldozing the world without consequence-his businesses remain a beacon of trying to do the right thing, inspiring the masses– and still making a profit.

I will choose to be inspired and honor his legacy by continuing to integrate my beliefs into my work and my thinking.  Yoga doesn’t end at the end of a class, and the sutras can only really be practiced by facing your challenges everyday and choosing to take the journey.  It clearly takes time and strength to hold true to your beliefs, your center.  But with practice and a open mind we can all change the world.

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