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Welcome to the new Finding namaste!

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be kind please rewind

My religion is kindness

-Dalai Lama

Sometimes it’s hard to be kind.

There’s a lot of crazy stressful energy zinging around right now.  When someone throws some particularly nasty energy my way-I admit-sometimes I throw it right back. It’s that knee jerk reaction to prove that you are strong and can stand up for yourself that happens in an instant.   I live in NYC after all- it’s a tough place right?

Or is it a place of possibility? At the very least, it is a place of practice.   I have made a promise to myself lately-to not give into other people’s energy so quickly.  I have taken a vow of kindness.  Kindness, not weakness- and it’s important to distinguish between the two.  Being kind doesn’t mean being weak willed.  Or a pushover.  On the contrary- it means having the strength to stop perpetuating any negative energy.  It doesn’t mean shrugging your shoulders and giving up-it means standing tall and emanating a positive vibe.

Someone I know recently remarked that it takes less energy to be kind than cruel and I agree.  To hold on to negative energy takes a lot of effort.  You must keep reinvesting in the negative to perpetuate it.  Being kind can be a reset button for yourself or a situation.  Sometimes it feels really good to throw someone a nasty look or lock eyes with a stranger that steps on your foot in a crowded subway.  Ha.  Take that.  But how do we feel when we are on the receiving end of the same look?  Angry, hurt, exasperated…..all of the above?

The Dalai Lama is a wise and inspiring man.  Kindness is very hard to achieve.  It means humbling yourself in a heated situation.  It means compassion for someone else who might be having a bad day.  It means a commitment to an open heart in a very hurtful world.  However, the wealth of positivity it brings and the ability to roll, unharmed with the punches of daily life is worth it.

My kindness quest continues.  Somedays, I am only human and a slip into an old pattern.  Thankfully, more and more I can embrace the new.

Join me?