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in the weeds

“Head under water

And you tell me

to breathe easy for a while”

~Sara Bareilles

Easily overwhelmed lately?  Hi, nice to meet you.  Eternally feeling like you are racing to catch up to your own life?  Me too.  There seems to be one less hour in the day that I need to get everything done.  I try to carve out some time for meditation, grocery shopping, gym, yoga, teaching yoga, teaching dance, returning emails, walking my beautiful dogs—-not to mention being present in my relationship, connecting with friends, staying ambitious in my career…….aaaaaaand I am hyperventilating already just writing it all down.  Sound familiar?  Or maybe things are a bit perilous.  Maybe you’ve hit a stumbling block in life and you are swirling down and down.

Have you ever been physically pushing yourself to your edge on the treadmill or in a workout or yoga class?  In yoga classes, the exertion can be intense.  The mind says- I can’t do it!  Move out of the pose! Move your arms! It’s too much!.  Instantly the breath quickens and becomes shallow.  Heart races, adrenaline pumps and you focus on getting out of the situation instead of knowing it will be over and learning to breathe through the uncomfortable moment.

“In the weeds”.  The tall grasses grow higher and higher around you.  Your arms and legs get tangled up in them as you try to pass through.  Panic sets in….you thrash about trying to free yourself and you only become further enmeshed.  You can’t even see the skyline anymore, just everything closing in around you.

Why is it that we always go right for the panicked fight?  Never works.  Once you have exhausted yourself you find, huh……..if I just become still maybe it isn’t as bad as I thought.  In fact, when you are in the weeds- what else can you do but just stop and be still for a moment?  Slowly, figure out which body part is wrapped up and carefully slide out, using very little energy.  Take stock, plan your way out.  A simple path–much simpler than you ever thought- can lead you back out the the sun.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground and slowly ease your way out.  Feel the freedom.

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