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power position

“Mana eva manushyanam”-  A man is according to his mind.

-Sanskrit expression.

Living in New York City, I am confronted by intensely powerful energy everywhere.  It is an aggressive energy.  It thrives on competition and makes you have to fight for yourself daily.  It is a good exercise in survival and basic reactions, but it doesn’t naturally foster an inward journey. You spend much of your energy focused on not getting lost in the fray.  I was thinking the other day, as I bumped and jostled my way down a very crowded street the other day; What makes certain people able to rise above the grind and actually tap into something greater?

Most, if not all of the people and figures that I admire in this world have that unnameable quality that makes them a magnetic, attractive and unique force. A personal power.  What is the purest and truest form of personal power?  How do you find it and how do you tap into it on a constant basis?  Especially in this world that seems to make us all question our own worth every day?

In his book “Light on Life” BKS Iyengar says, “Consciousness has to settle down with clarity, brightness, and serenity.  This renders a gratifying satisfaction to the conscience that is egoless and very close to the Soul.”  This echoes a feeling I have been having recently after I meditate.  I feel closer to my own very purest self and instead of feeling amped up – I feel quietly powerful.  There is a feeling that I don’t need to be anything more than what I am.  That by tapping into what makes me uniquely me, I shine even more brightly.

I am discovering that pure personal power comes from being aligned with the very thing that makes you, you.  And once you tap into that unique personal energy, you start to find that it feels better than anything else.  It’s familiar and perfect for each one of us.

The most successful people in this world, yogis or not,  seem to be those who stay close to their souls. No matter how far and wide their lives may take them, it makes them grounded in an energy that is eternal and brilliant.  And simple.  Simply powerful.

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