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I have decided to share with you, my friends and readers.  In addition to some of the pictures and words that inspire me…..some of my other inspirations along the path of life. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years now.  I believe in making your own personal choice when it comes to this, but,  some of the healthy stuff I find is really, really tasty!

I was on a very looong JetBlue flight a little while ago, and I had barely made the plane-and had no time to buy any food.  So halfway thru the flight I gave in and bought a pre made “meal”.  Some crackers and cheese and nuts and a small package of some kinda weird looking almond butter.  I squeezed it out of it’s little foil package and onto a cracker with a sinking suspicion that I was not going to like this at all.  Wrong!  A little sweet and a little salty.  Creamy.  Filling.  Yummy!  I almost licked the inside of the package.  I checked the ingredient list expecting to find lots of bad things…nope.  4 ingredients.

I got home and checked online.  Available in NYC at Whole Foods…yipeeeee!  I did some more research and found that Almond butter is considered more healthy than peanut butter–high in monounsaturated fats- and also due to a mold that grows on peanuts and can end up in peanut butter?  Yikey.

Anyway, who cares about health when it tastes this good.

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  In jars or little foil packets for on the go.  Yummy and healthy.  Try it!