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little things

How you do anything is how you do everything.


This is a phrase that is spoken often by masters of yoga.  I first heard it when I began taking yoga classes over a decade ago by a teacher I really admired.  I remember thinking ummm okay lady… sure.  whatever you say.  It didn’t resonate in me at all.

Then, years later, during my teacher training, my amazing teacher started our first day by saying the very same words and telling us it was her mantra for life.  Clearly, I had undergone quite a journey since the first time I heard it because it was like someone smacked me across the face…in a good way.  Instantly I clearly knew this to be true.

I had started realizing, when I was calm, centered and positive–I was kinder, happier and kept everything in my home, or on my desk organized.  When I was depressed or down, I was angry, self centered and my house was a mess.  I started realizing that my life happened everywhere.  Not just at my job, or with my close friends.  It was in the NYC subways, walking down the street and at the grocery store.  If I left my apartment in a hurry and my closet a mess, it was really a symbol of how I was truly feeling. Taking extra care to put things away at home.  Or cleaning out my purse on a regular basis and not carry around 10 pounds of stuff I didn’t need.   On the really good days, I would hold a door open for a stranger….but what about the bad days?  Why shouldn’t I still hold a door for a stranger?  When I did, I was still living in my truth…I was bringing myself back to center.  To an open hearted place that I could respect about myself, regardless of the positive or negative things that were happening in my life.  It was helping me find a balance.

It is a challenge to really look at ourselves, our lives and our behaviors, and be honest.  We put on a “public face” to the outside world but what’s really going on inside?  When I finish a yoga class, I am mindful of other people who rush out, or talk on their cell phones as they exit the studio.  It kind of negates the practice of meditation and universal understanding to push past others blindly and continue along your own journey.  We all affect each other.

So no biggie but, tomorrow, just notice the little things.  All the moments of our lives are important.  Especially the mundane things.  If we can find a way to fill them with joy, bliss and respect….then maybe it will bring us closer to the calm center.  Take great care with the small things, and the big things will follow suit.

Build your life well, one little thing at a time.

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