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now what

A moving door hinge never corrodes.

Flowing water never grows stagnant.

-Deng Ming Dao

Well I am officially certified to teach yoga.  After the craziest month of Sanskrit, sutras, lots of practice–tests, nerves and very late nights….I achieved my goal.  Certified!!!

Now what?

I am starting a brand new show next week.  I still take yoga classes from my favorite teachers.  I still teach lots of Masterclasses to dancers and performers who want my expertise. Life has come roaring back into focus.  But I have opened a new door.

I want to teach people what I just learned.  I want to begin to get my feet wet in the yoga studio teaching classes, figuring out how to balance a class and have students leave feeling satisfied and grounded.  I want it right now.

Not sure how to start.  How do I get from here to there?  I see the path stretching endlessly in front of me.  Seems impossible.  Seems overwhelming.  But that’s the point.  It IS impossible and overwhelming if you look at everything all at once.  We earn our goals by walking the walk and talking the talk.  Plain and simple.  Start small and make your mistakes.  Have your triumphs.  Learn.  Grow.  And soon you realize, you’re there.  You’ve arrived.  Isn’t that life?

The getting there gets you there.  The path is the journey.  Just remember to enjoy the walk.

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