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burn baby burn


I know what you are thinking.  Mmmmmmmmmm….tapas.  Yummy Mediterranean food…….wine…….laughter.   Well.  You’re not wrong…

However, in Yoga, Tapas is a very, very different experience.  It is a mindset-a decision to go to a deeper level of sensation and brings the gift of purification.  Tapas is the act of staying in the intensity and holding strong to create intense heat and healing.  It can be likened to the smelting of metal.  If you heat gold to the melting point, it purifies and condenses into a solid-with new purer properties.  Our mind body connection is similar to this.  Quite often the mind is the first to give up.  It tells the body- this is too intense, we need to stop, we can’t take this!!!  The body usually blindly obeys and we miss out on the deep and important changes that take place when we are pushed to our limit and stay calm and focused.  If you really listen to yourself… can go to the deepest level of your ability and discover new territory.  The physical obstacles that we encounter in Yoga practice are there to become a teaching tool.  The act of embracing intensity- Tapas-can create intense sensation- but only in those deep, intense and well earned moments can you purify yourself and your baggage and create a beautiful, new being.  The ability to stay and deal with uncomfortable situations is a valuable tool.  Only the most confident, grounded people can triumph in these situations.  Even on a basic level….physically….tapas can jumpstart healing, wake up a sleepy immune system and even melt away scar tissue.  The ability to triumph over pain is a revelation indeed.

It takes pressure, heat and time to make a diamond.  And baby, we got carats!!!!

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