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transformation and vibration

It is good to have an end to journey toward,

But it is the journey that matters in the end.

Ursula K. LeGuin

I am deep into my second week of training and now the REAL work begins.  I still have hope and a sense of newness…..but now the physical and emotional obstacles are making themselves known.   Sore bodies, full brains and even strong emotions out of nowhere are popping up.  Our daily practice in the morning now consists of 2-3 hours of yoga and workshops on particular poses and how to teach them.  We are now speaking the names of the poses only in Sanskrit and learning about sequencing the poses together.  More importantly we are practicing meditation daily.  I have meditated before and found it very soothing and focusing, but have never made it a daily thing until now.  And boy does it tell the truth fast!

When you sit and quiet the mind—- ahem…..TRY to quiet the mind you can get down to business with yourself.  It makes you feel the subtle movements of energy in yourself and the space around you in a highly sensitized yet distant way.  We’ve been discussing the yogic belief that there is a constant vibration- a universal vibration that has always existed and is always present.  When you can focus the mind, you can begin to tap into that universal vibration and feel a sense on calm, focused oneness.  A focused mind operates in a more efficient way….and the energy can flow freely.  People have been trying to master the mind for literally thousands of years.  I find it amazing that we still sit quietly with our eyes closed and feel the same frustrations, the same fleeting calm moments and the same connection with the vibration.  The sound of “OM”-really “AUM”-is the verbalization of the tapping into the universal sound.  Isn’t that cool?  And even cooler???? Energy cannot be destroyed.  Once it exists it can’t be destroyed-it merely changes form.  It literally TRANSFORMS.  So throughout our journey we can have small transformations of our energy-taking us to new levels along the way to our final transformation– When we become one again with the universe and vibration.

Until then…..I will be working on sitting quietly for 10 mins and not thinking about my grocery list.  small steps…….small steps……

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