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baby steps



Deng Ming-Dao

I have completed exactly 4 days of yoga training.  My feet hurt, my lower back is sore from sitting cross legged most of the time and my brain is so full I have sanskrit coming out of my ears.  But I am smiling.  On the first day, my fellow classmates and I—(about 20- all women) nervously sat on the floor in a circle silently sizing each other up.  We spoke a bit about ourselves and what brought us to this teacher training and then—we literally dove in headfirst to the land of yoga.  Although most of us have been studying yoga for a long time and are quite advanced, we all realized that we really don’t know that much about yoga itself.  We were all terrified when our amazing and respected teacher/guru Jeanmarie informed us that we would be doing a practice teach in pairs on the second day.  REALLY?  Like actually lead someone through a yoga pose?  I have done these poses for 15 years….but I realized I had no idea how to tell someone else how to do it!!!  and safely….well……hmmmmmm.  Facinating.  We were all so ready to give…..but we really had no idea how to even begin.  We didn’t have the technique or the tools yet as teachers.

Slowly we are learning the proper sanskrit names for the poses……and things like the most effective way to teach a beginner how to just stand in Tadasana.  Just stand and be. (and ground all for corners of your feet down AND pull up the front of the quads AND soften your front ribs AND…….)  We are deepening our practice of meditation.  It will help us to focus our own minds so we can be more helpful as teachers and more focused people in general.  Deepening our own yoga practice is part of teaching….we are all students.

Each day is a baby step.  Each day is another small step forward….another individual pebble added to the giant sandy beach of yoga teaching.  All of these little tiny steps will someday be something great.  It is so easy to get caught up in the monotony of life….the everyday-ness of it all.  But if we look closer, our lives truly are the sum of the parts.  The little things ARE essentially the big things in time.  The challenge is to live in the small, so you can earn the great.

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