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be like water


Be Like Water – Bruce Lee

World renowned martial artist Bruce Lee founded the martial arts and philosophy known as Jeet Kune Do.  Unlike more patterned, fixed traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do’s guiding principals are that of being flexible in life and combat. That each situation is different and cannot be planned for.  Instinct, ability and freedom are the tools to dealing with each situation.  Having the upper hand means giving in to the moment and not choosing a pre-planned attack.

One of the main principals- “be like water”- is echoed in yoga teachings.  Watch water travel over rocks in a stream.  It easily glides around the rocks in it’s way.  Smoothly and without stress it splits to go around the river rocks and meets on the other side to continue it’s journey.  It pools and is still; it rushes and froths-but it doesn’t try to stop the natural flow.  It’s strength is it’s flexibility- it doesn’t try to pool when it should be frothing.  It goes along it’s way flowing around and through until it comes together in the end.

Sometimes our ability to just let go and go with the current of life is our greatest strength.  The greatest wisdom is knowing we will eventually get to where we need to go.  The choice is whether we do it smoothly and easily or if we strain against the current.

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