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nature as mirror



Recent events in the world have proved that human beings and nature are intricately connected.  Whether we like it or not, we are a part of the earth.  It is easy to forget- in our busy modern lives-that without simple fresh water or microbes in the soil, our lives would not exist.  The trees churning out oxygen, the seas teeming with aquatic life.

In yoga, the unity of nature and the soul is called prakrti/purusa.  The belief is that our lives here are a quest to live in balance-between the earth and the sky.  That is our predicament…honoring ourselves and honoring nature.  When we forget, the balance is off.  It is a strong but fragile connection.  To know ourselves and to know where we are going…. we can look to plants and animals.  Are they diseased due to pollution?  Are they struggling in a dying environment? Are we so disconnected that we believe that we are immune to the cycle of life?  Nature is our great mirror.  It will always answer honestly.  It will always show our mistakes.  Yet it will always provide the solution.  What happens in nature will happen to us.   I am seeing a new respect rise up in the world.  We are starting to grasp the bond between us and the earth.  We can no longer look away from ourselves in the mirror.

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