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a runaway mind.

Make the mind

A single point.

I took a yoga class recently and after sitting cross legged for the first 30 seconds of class meditation I tried to settle into a few minutes of quiet and let my mind go.  As soon as I did, my mind began to churn.  Things I had to do raced past me…lists of things to accomplish….then even deeper: fears, worries and career, children, money, job……  It was like a little gremlin had crawled in my ear and was running around pulling all the things off the shelves in my mind.  I tried to clear the slate….a nice cleansing breath in and out….Phew….trying again.  As soon as I relaxed…the gremlin was back.  I started to get angry….I am supposed to be meditating!!!! I am a beacon of white light dammit!  The harder I tried-the further away the quiet place I was seeking went.  I thought- well…..I guess I’m not going to meditate today.  Fine, I’ll just sit here and hope we start moving soon. Hmmmmm.  The gremlin was gone. I had to let go of my expectations and just be in the moment.   I wasn’t in a deep meditative state with white light and angels or anything……but my mind was clear and I again had a focused center.  The teacher spoke from the front of the room…set an intention for class today.   I chose release.  It was a great class.

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